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Nursultan Moldakhmetov

Investment Markets

Job title
Head of UPPERCASE LEGAL offices in Kazakhstan
About employee
He has significant experience in the public and quasi-public sector in the field of international cooperation, investment and project development.

Prior to joining UPPERCASE LEGAL, he worked in large national companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, supervised the direction of development, attraction of investments and international cooperation. He was an adviser to the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Thanks to valuable experience in the areas of investment and development, Nursultan perfectly understands the needs of investors and foreign companies entering the market of Kazakhstan. He has information about the tools and measures to support foreign investors, products and services of the AIFC, as well as the investment policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Has two higher education. Graduated from the Beijing Science and Technology University in China and the Modern Humanitarian Academy in Moscow with a degree in jurisprudence.

Fluent in English, Chinese, Turkish, Russian and Kazakh.

Studying psychology. He enjoys snowboarding and football.
Mangilik El, bldg 55/17

+7 705 802 49 81
Astana, Kazakhstan

[email protected]

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