Alexander Kukuev spoke at the Dubai New Economy Legal Forum hosted by

On March 9-10, 2023, the, conference took place, during which macroeconomic forecasts, geopolitical risks, and opportunities for Russian businesses were discussed.
K&P.Group was a proud partner of the event. Alexander Kukuev, Senior Partner and head of the International Law Department at K&P.Group, spoke as a guest speaker at the plenary session titled «Challenges Facing the International Legal System in 2023» with the topic of «Non-standard legal orders and changes in the legislation of neutral jurisdictions: what to pay attention to».

He discussed the tax, labor, and investment aspects of laws in the UAE and Mauritius, which are essential for companies with Russian beneficiaries. Alexander also focused on issues related to opening corporate accounts and shared several life hacks for conducting safe business operations.
The event brought together vice presidents and heads of legal, financial, and GR departments from major companies, leading legal consultants, and representatives from supranational international institutions and associations.