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National Green Energy Standards

In February 2023, the Carbon Neutrality Strategy was adopted, becoming a priority document for the socio-economic development of the new Kazakhstan.
This strategy outlines the directions for a new technological course for society. Its main goal is to achieve sustainable development of Kazakhstan's economy, addressing climate change, and reaching carbon neutrality by 2060.

The midterm goal of the strategy is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the share of renewable energy sources fivefold in a record time, provided there is international support for the decarbonization of the economy. By 2030, the green share in the overall energy balance should be 15%, compared to the current 4.5%.

Domestic Experts from "KazStandard," with the support of the "ECOJER" Association, have developed 11 national standards for green energy, regulating the efficient use of renewable energy sources. These standards aim to help the country move closer to the coveted carbon neutrality. Each standard provides terminology for equipment and methods related to renewable energy sources. For instance, the geothermal energy standard thoroughly describes the process of installing heat pumps: recommendations for choosing drilling locations and safety measures. Depending on the air temperature and well depth, the standard suggests the best equipment for subsequent installation under specific conditions.

List of Developed and Approved Standards:

  1. ST RK "Guidelines for Designing the Grounding System of a Wind Power Plant to Ensure Personnel Safety";
  2. ST RK "Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics of Wind Turbines. Part 1. General Requirements";
  3. ST RK "Photovoltaic (PV) Systems. Interface Node Characteristics";
  4. ST RK "Photovoltaic Instruments. Part 1. Measurement of Photovoltaic Volt-Ampere Characteristics";
  5. ST RK "Renewable Energy. Solar Energy. Solar Elements. Technical Description and Technological Data of Silicon Crystalline Solar Elements";
  6. ST RK "Ground Photovoltaic Stations. Guidelines and Recommendations for Design";
  7. ST RK "Solar Thermal Installations and Their Components. Solar Collectors. Part 1. General Requirements";
  8. ST RK "Electric Cables for Solar Panels";
  9. ST RK "Heat Pumps. Principles of Operation and the Use of Renewable Energy Sources";
  10. ST RK "Solar Photovoltaic Energy Systems. Terms, Definitions, and Designations";
  11. ST RK "Gaseous Hydrogen. Filling Stations".